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Stephynie Malik
I don’t just talk the talk – I’ve WALKED the WALK. I was one of the youngest Business Owners in Silicon Valley, the CEO of a 500+ person software integrator at the age of 28, and the founder of of Global IT consulting firm at 32.

I’ve been where you are – and where you want to be. I’ve spearheaded multi-million dollar acquisitions, closed global deals, and made my companies hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. I’ve seen firsthand how these deals work – and how this kind of lifestyle affects people.

I launched ChiqueSpeak to help people like YOU be successful in all areas of your life. (Spoiler alert: the key is NEVER PLAYING SMALL) I’ve already received hundreds of applications from executives and entrepreneurs all over the world ready to work with me because of my proven methods and strategies – are you next?
Here's What People Are Saying
"While I was at Accenture, I worked quite closely with Stephynie as she staffed a number of our open roles. One thing that struck me with her is that she actually listens, understands the business and is able to help design the solution then she adds to it with the right candidate! Stephynie has been a truly amazing business partner, she is extremely collaborative and has amazing people skills I can see why she is moving into coaching - she is a natural for it and people love working with her."
Kim Anderson, Chief Executive Officer at Conrax
"From my initial conversation with Stephynie, I knew that she would be the right person to help me transform my business. She has continuously instilled confidence within me while providing me with tools and techniques that have transformed the way I do business. ChiqueSpeak changed the way I think about my business by providing me with a clear and concise path to reach and exceed my business goals. Stephynie and her team are dedicated, reliable, and genuine. Thanks to ChiqueSpeak, I am more confident in and invigorated about my business than ever before." 
Talia Samuels, Founder of OutshinePR
"Stephynie Malik is truly an expert in her field. She has done an exceptional job building a company of integrity and expertise in the field of ERP. Stephynie works closely with large System Integrator and Fortune 100 Companies to provide talent to meet the needs of large corporations across the globe. She has an exceptional ability to build relationships, listen to the needs of the business and coordinate customized solutions that create winning scenarios for all of her partners. It is a real privilege to work with her and her team."
Melissa Jeska, President & CEO at Jab Tek, LLC
"Stephynie is a consummate professional in all aspects of her work. She has always maintained the highest standards of professionalism while, at the same time, looking out for her clients best interests. Stephynie is very creative and can propose different options to satisfy requirements. She is able to supply her clients with skilled resources quickly – candidates are always professional and on target based on the job description she is given. I consider Stephynie a true business partner and welcome any opportunities to give references on her behalf."
Kelly Hooton, Director of Recruiting & Resource Management at 1218 Global
"Ms. Malik has a rare blend of astute assessment, transparent feedback and an interpersonal connectivity imbued with genuine warmth, empathy and humor. She can quickly assess a dynamic, identify feasible solutions and deliver feedback with insight and compassion."
Dr. Surina Mazzola, Clinical Psychologist and President at Blackhawk Family Development Center
"Stephynie is a great partner - she is always willing to be a team player and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome. She is great at coming up with solutions and finding a plan that works!"
Lisa Fox, Director, Vendor Partnerships at TAPFIN-ManpowerGroup Solutions 
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